Here’s what previous Primed Running clients had to say about their coaching and training plan!


I asked Jonathan in November to help me to train for my first Marathon. I had never run that far at that time but lots of experience with running Half Marathons. I wanted to do my first Marathon in April in Vienna in a comfortable time, but Jonathan pushed me to try and go faster. So we set a very ambitious goal of sub 3:30! I wasn‘t very confident about achieving this goal but I trusted Jonathan 100%. He adapted the plan perfectly for me so that I never had to skip any training session. The plan got adapted every week, so I could balance my work with my training in the best possible way. Jonathan was always helpful and motivating me, he was even standing in the rain for more than 2 hours to cheer me at my test run a few weeks before the VCM. I achieved my goal with a time of 3:27:41 and I felt great throughout the whole race. This would never had been possible without Jonathan’s help!

Ana after the race!



Eros Testimonial

Jonathan helped me to prepare for my first marathon, I was starting from a good fitness level but I never focused on running. In just over 3 months I managed to build the endurance and the pace desired to complete the marathon. My goal was to run it below 3 hours and 30 min and despite the Jerusalem marathon had more than 650 mt of climb (that I didn’t consider when I set my goal), I’ve managed to complete the race in 3 hours and 29 min. Without his training plan, I would have never been able to hit my goal.



I was returning to racing after recovering from an injury and decided to work with Coach Jonathan. The weekly plans were personalized depending on my times and feedback for previous weeks which was very helpful with injury prevention. On top of that, Coach Jonathan was always available with great advice on gear or stretching routines. For a couple years, I was feeling pretty defeated about regaining fitness and racing again and with his help, I’ve fallen in love with running again and learned a thing or two about cross-training and rest. I’m looking forward to working with him again as I prepare for my next race!



Last Weekend I completed my first ever Half-marathon. Without an awesome training plan which would catapult me from a total beginner who struggled on 4 to 8 k runs to being able to battle 21 k in a few months, this would have never been possible. Jonathan not only provided me with a customized training plan that suited my goals and also my daily routine, he was also super flexible in adapting it if needed and is never short of advice. Thanks to his ability to choose paces that suited my fitness I did not once experience any kind of injuries during my training. Jonathan chooses specific paces for different kind of runs which worked really well together and matched my heart-rate perfectly. During the whole training process I always felt being in good hands and could basically ask anything being it practical advice about my training, warm-up and warm-downs, nutrition, race info (how to prepare, races worth considering) up to setting long-term goals. It is absolutely amazing how easily he can emphasize with challenges or issues of a total beginner. Jonathan is an endless source of motivation and turned my far-off-in-the-future-maybe-one-day-dreams into something very real and tangible. I am totally addicted to his plans. It’s so much fun seeing my goal black on white and all the runs that I need to complete to reach it spread out before me. Every week’s combination of runs varies, so I never had the feeling of getting stuck in a routine. I could also see a linear improvement distance-wise which was extremely motivating. There are still 5 weeks left with my current plan, and I am already dying to see what the next plan will look like!!

Julia after the race!



Petra Berlin Marathon

I had the pleasure to have Jonathan as my coach for the Berlin Marathon. I set myself a pretty tough goal – 03:30. When I received the training schedule I knew the training would be hard. I cursed often but seeing the results and knowing the hard work is paying off was worth it. Jonathan was really caring as he kept asking for feedback and how I felt throughout the training. His feedback was always motivating which made me always looking forward to the next 2 weeks of training. His flexibility and knowledge was needed after an injury and dental surgery which cost us one month of training – 1,5 months before the marathon! Jonathan was still optimistic and adapted to the new situation quickly. And it paid off! Besides his professionalism, Jonathan is really fun to chat with. From the first moment, you can clearly see that he loves what he is doing!

Petra after the race



I remember during my 2nd week of training, I was running a 5K tempo run at 30 seconds slower than my half marathon goal time, and I asked myself “how in the world am I going to run faster and further????” But, with Jonathan it was possible! I gradually worked my way up with a variety of different running training techniques in order to get prepared for the big day! His training plans are super detailed and individualized and super easy to understand. I actually got excited to see what my runs would be every week. Jonathan is super organized, super precise and really funny – great coach!

Lunden at the Vienna Marathon expo



Jonny helped me to figure everything out for my training. He helped me to develop a training plan that was suitable for my fitness level and would adjust it based on my feedback of how I felt after the running sessions. He also advised me on my nutrition throughout my training, when I adjusted my nutrition I realised what a big role it played and my body felt properly fueled for the run. The more I was listening to his advice the better I was performaning. At some point during my training when I started to push myself over 10 km, I started thinking that I won’t be able to run more because I was having terrible headaches after every run. I shared this problem with Jonny and he suggested that I should hydrate myself more before and after the run and restore my electrolyte balance. Just by applying this little tip, I was able to continue my training and make it through Vienna City Marathon. On the 22nd of April, I ran my first Half Marathon where I proved myself that nothing is impossible if you take your preparation seriously and keep pushing yourself even if you think you can’t do it. I’m very grateful to Jonny for his constant support and valuable tips throughout the whole preparation process. My achievement wouldn’t be possible without him!